Insult me to my face: Luciano Spalletti and the Crotone heckler

It’s 12 February 2017. Roma are winning 2-0 away to Crotone in added time. Giallorossi head coach Luciano Spalletti decides to turn and face the home fan who has heckled him throughout the match. Spalletti stares at the fan without moving or talking for two minutes.

“This man had been shouting at me for 40 minutes from behind the bench, so I simply made it easier for him and was at his disposal, seeing as he had this irresistible need,” Spalletti said of the incident. “If you’re going to insult me, you may as well do it to my face.”​

Design by Federico Manasse: @FedericoManasse

‘When Federico isn’t sketching, he is a columnist and editor for Italian Football Daily. He also writes for the Football Pink and his own website, Fede’s Calcio.’