Protagonists of the Derby della Madonnina, Part III: Alessio Romagnoli

Similarly to Inter’s Roberto Gagliardini, whom we discussed yesterday, AC Milan’s Alessio Romagnoli was bought for 20 plus million euros (in the summer of 2015), joining the Rossoneri to the backdrop of heavy skepticism surrounding his move.

And although it has taken him more time than his Inter counterpart, Romagnoli has also gradually silenced the critics, proving his worth and imposing himself as the undisputed leader of Milan’s defence. Now recognised as the defensive future of the Italian national team, Romagnoli has undoubtedly confirmed his numerous qualities this season. 

Incredibly technical, but also solid defensively, Romagnoli is of paramount importance for Montella, not only with regards to shielding Gigio Donnarumma’s goal, but also for the team’s ball distribution.

Thus, although defenders are not often headline players, Milan’s success in the Derby della Madonnina this Saturday depends very much on Romagnoli, who’s expected to lead the defence in what must be an immaculate performance.

Design by Federico Manasse: ​​@FedericoManasse

When Federico isn’t sketching, he is a columnist and editor for Italian Football Daily. He has also featured on The Football Pink, These Football Times and runs his own website, Fede’s Calcio.