Gigio, ti prego, rimani al Milan! An open letter to Gianluigi Donnarumma

As a true Milanista, I’ve already had enough with this Donnarumma renewal saga.

Every day, different media outlets are reporting different updates regarding the Rossoneri’s deal, Donnarumma’s thoughts on the deal or better yet, Mino Raiola’s demands on the deal. As annoying as this has been, a few media outlets are reporting the same thing, that new Milan management Marco Fassone and Massimo Mirabelli have given the OK for the 18-year-old star to think about the renewal until 12 or 13 June.If you haven’t seen it, according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, the ‘superdeal’ offers a long-term contract between €4.5m and €5m per season. Fair deal? Yes, that’s a tremendous amount of money for a teenager who is still in school! Gigio, you renewing with Milan should be a no-brainer. Become a bandiera for the seven-time Champions League winners. No matter the money, or your agent, stay with the club that had faith in you as a young boy.

A few weeks ago, Mino Raiola came out and said that he decides Gigio Donnarumma’s future. The player’s desires should be stronger than those of his agent. Donnarumma, you need to take the situation into your own hands. Converse with your family; speak with your teammates and the coaching staff to make your decision. You’ve said countless times throughout the season that you love the Red and Black colours and that you want to stay. You’ve kissed the Milan badge on several occasions in front of the fans. Now it’s time to take action, as actions speak louder than words.

A few years ago, the Curva Sud displayed a banner that is extremely pertinent to this renewal situation. The banner reads “Those who love Milan, don’t call their agent.”

This banner was referring to players like Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, and other players who have made public their love for the Rossoneri and stayed at San Siro for a very, very long time. The Curva Sud also released an official statement on their website calling for Donnarumma to “show his character and love for AC Milan.” Make the right choice, Gigio. You’re loved in Milano, and once the fans turn their backs on you, it won’t be fun playing in front of them.


The Curva Sud’s banner: ‘Those who love Milan, don’t call their agent’

Back in December 2016, after Milan beat Juventus 5-4 on penalties to win the SuperCoppa, Gianluigi Buffon gave public advice to the teenager. During an interview, the Juve legend urged Donnarumma to stay at AC Milan for a long time, as it’s a beautiful club and he can become a superstar in Milano.Gigio, take this advice. Buffon is arguably the greatest goalkeeper of all time, and when he talks, you listen. You can be as important to Milan as Buffon’s been to Juventus over the past two decades. You need to understand this, Gigio. Even though you’ve only been a starter for a season-and-a-half, your importance to the Rossoneri is more than words can explain. Listen to your idol. Ignore the outside noise and remain with the club you support, have developed under and will keep growing with.

Let’s talk about money. Gigio, you’re 18-years-old. Look around at other 18-year-olds in European football. Right now, they’re making around the same amount as you. To give you an example, Monaco’s Kylian Mbappé is earning roughly the same. When he has to renew or transfers to a different team, how much will he demand? That’s to be determined, but anything around €4m, like your possible deal, would be fair as well.

Let’s also compare with other Milan players. Giacomo Bonaventura, arguably the Rossoneri’s most consistent overall player, just renewed his contract back in January earning him €2m-a-season. Honestly, if Bonaventura really didn’t love Milan, he could’ve left to England and made more than that. It’s not always about the money, Gigio. You’ll make your money, and at the same time bring one of the biggest clubs in the world back to the top.

Being loyal to the club that signed you as a youngster, brought you up into the system and gave you a chance to start at 16-years-of-age, should be the most important thing on your mind. Just look at the admiration Totti inspires across Europe! Over his career, Francesco turned down big money offers to Real Madrid and England to stay with his boyhood club, where winning meant more than anything money could buy. Unfortunately, he didn’t win much at club-level, but he will always be known as a global football legend for his loyalty.

In other words, going to a club like Manchester United, or Real Madrid would be a terrible decision for your career. Why? You are the future of the Italian National team. The Azzurri have always been known to produce fantastic goalkeepers and you’re the crème of the crop. Stay in Italy, at a big club like Milan and you’ll enjoy tons of success in the future.

The new management is here and firing, Gigio. No more free transfers or free loans with an option to buy for mediocre players. The Chinese investors have money and a large transfer budget awaits. With Europa League qualifiers as a stepping stone to hopefully Champions League qualification next season, new, quality players are arriving and Vincenzo Montella’s side is on the rise. Donnarumma, you’re the centre of this team, the management trusts in you and the right decision is to accept the renewal offer.

Be part of Milan’s renaissance, Gianluigi Donnarumma. Take a look around you, at all the legends that decorate AC Milan’s history. One day, you could be added to this list, and all it takes is a signature on a piece of paper. Give back to the diehard Milanisti what they’ve given to you since your debut. Love and tons of fight for the Rossoneri colours.

Forza Milan!
Luca La Porta

Words by Luca LaPorta: @Luca_LaPorta

A diehard Milansita and calcio fanatic, Luca likes to express his thoughts through words and stories on Italian football. Some may call him “Il bomber.”