Ternana Fans Create Unity Scarf to Raise Coronavirus Funds

The Gentleman Ultra crew are proud to support this fan initiative which has already raised thousands of euros for health facilities in four Italian regions. Neil Morris spoke to those behind the scheme and explains how you can get involved.

The twinning between fans of Atalanta BC and Ternana Calcio is one of the oldest and most discernible in Italian football. Recently, three Ternana fans created a scarf to celebrate the bond between the clubs but also to support the people hardest-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The proceeds of the sales are going to health projects in the respective cities (Bergamo and Terni) as well as to Brescia, where La Dea’s fiercest rivals are based; and Perugia, the home of Ternana’s adversaries.


Atalanta and Ternana fans enjoy a close relationship

The idea came from Christian Rossi – a Ternana fan and member of several fan groups since 1988 – and his friends Robert and Luca.

“The idea was born from the friendship between the Ternana and Atalanta fans but also to stand against rivalry in this sad period which will have bad economic consequences for the population,“ explained Christian. “This is why all proceeds are being donated to funds which support those people who are worst-affected in this period.”

In Bergamo, the money is being donated to the “Fondo di Mutuo Soccorso,” a fund created by the City Hall. In Brescia, donations are diverted to “Aiutiamo Brescia,” created by a local newspaper (Giornale di Brescia) and the Brescian community fund. In Perugia, the cash will help the “Aiutiamo chi Aiuta,” created by a local savings bank fund. And in Terni, contributions are being made to “Terni col Cuore,” a group created by Ternana Calcio with the help of local institutions.

The scarf is double-sided with the words “Mola Mia” (“Never Give up” in the local Bergamo dialect) on one side and “TR X BG” on the other. The colours and shield of the two clubs are also featured.


The scarves are being bought by fans around the world

Now, this is one half-and-half scarf that you will want to get your hands on. And remember, it’s all for a good cause.

So, if you would like to make a donation (minimum €10 plus postage) and receive a scarf, you can send an email to trxbg.maicosiuniti@gmail.com

Thank you to Christian, Robert and Luca for your initiative and to all those who have dedicated their time and effort in the global fight against coronavirus.


World by Neil Morris