Calcio as an art form


This is the space where we celebrate the art, design and culture of calcio. Here you can nod in appreciation at the images and illustrations of our guest artists and photographers, marvel at the architectural magnificence of Italy’s great stadiums and weep with sentimental joy as your favourite old kit makes a surprise appearance.

TGU Podcast

As you know, we love to write – but we also like to talk. And now you can listen in!

So if you have ever wondered if Richard Hall really is that posh or if Luca Hodges-Ramon is as articulate in real life as he is on Twitter, now is your chance to find out as the TGU team expand on matters that are close to our hearts.TGU_podcast

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Sketches by Fede

He draws so often, he has been questioned for match-fixing. Meet our pencil-toting grand master of calcio art, Fede.


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Calcio Caught on Camera

Remembering classic calcio masterpieces through images, videos and words.

batistuta fiorentina

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Classic kits

Everyone has a favourite shirt in their wardrobe. But for some of us, that shirt is a garish polyester monstrosity from the 1990s once worn by a Serie B goalkeeper.

chievo kit

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Sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful and sometimes downright ugly – and that’s just the Gentleman Ultra team. Join us as we go stadium-hopping in Italy.

stadio atleti azzurri d'italia atalanta stadium

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Calcio Culture

To reflect the high-brow nature of our mainstays here at The Gentlemen Ultra, we thought it was only correct that we should dedicate a section of the site to the cultural side of calcio. However, we recognise that culture means more than just intellect and sophistication – it also defines the behaviours, ideas and values of those involved in a social movement. In this section you will find discourse related to both. From books, film, art, music and fashion, to terrace culture, customs and folklore, this space is dedicated to the cultural and sociocultural facets of the Italian game.


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