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“Newly-promoted Sicilian side Catania aren’t a bad football team, in much the same way that the Light Brigade probably weren’t a bad group of soldiers” (Football Italia’s James Richardson)

The Author’s 15

In this special series, a hand-picked selection of our favourite articles will be put to a public vote. There can be only one – and you get to decide!

TGU Authors15

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So much more than just a rogue’s gallery – our in-depth look at the often reviled but seldom revered Presidents of Italian football is full of drama, intrigue and just a little bit of controversy.zamparini wave

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Grande 50

“Serie A’s reputation as a slow league for older players is outdated. Italian football is developing some of the world’s most exciting players. Here are 50 of them.” (The Guardian)G50

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When Calcio Ruled the World

An unashamedly misty-eyed look back through the eras of calcio that shaped our passion for the game. A nod the 90s, a wink to the 80s and a tip of the hat to days of yore.

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Tales from the Peninsula

From the streets and bars, to the turnstiles and terraces, we have been there to witness the passion. This is the view from behind the pyro – this is Italian football seen through our eyes.federico-5_1_orig

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Goal O’ the Times

A look back at calcio’s defining goals, the players who scored them, the memorable celebrations and their impact on the times.baggio brescia celebration

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As four-time World Cup winners and six-time finalists, Italy are one of the most successful football nations of all time. It is only right that we dedicate a corner of the site to the highs and lows of the Azzurri.Italy2006

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All-time lists

Compiling a greatest-ever list and then posting it on social media is not for the faint-hearted. Those brave enough to put their head above the parapet must be prepared to suffer the slings and arrows of a discordant public.

But amongst all the fire and fury, there is often great debate and here at TGU we love nothing more than to hear passionate fans staking their case, whether it’s for a player, a team or a shirt.

Once the disputes have been thrashed out, the results are published in our all-time lists.

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In this section we catch up with people who have a connection with calcio. From players and coaches to fans and artists – if anyone has a tale worth sharing, we’ll publish it here.hateley coffee

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